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1. Future lake site        2. Pumping water out of core trench.     3. Core excavation
1. Removing the weaker layer of rock out of the core trench.  2. Another look at the
trench. 3. Compactor working the core trench. The whole core of the dam was built
from the solid rock floor.
1.Compactor going down in the trench. 2. Compactor going up the other side of the
trench, which was previously filled. 3. Another shot of the compactor with the dozer
and scraper in the back ground.
1. Scraper spreading a load of dirt in the core. 2.Another shot of the scraper.
3. Scraper and dozer working.
1. Scraper and dozer grading the borrow area back. 2. Working on the spillway.
3. Loader putting rocks in the spillway.
1. Full of water with a touch of snow. 2. Shot from back of lake. 3. Spillway in action.
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1. Finished spillway                    2 - 3 Finished and waiting on water.