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1. Pond in need of help.     2. A little thinning of the woods.      3. Pond reshaped.
4.Benching for anchor trench.  5. Anchor trench for liner.        6. Liner installation.
7. Liner install continues.      8. Backfilling anchor trench.     9. Concrete spillway being
10.Finished concrete spillway.   11. Field where dirt from          12. Field after seed
                                               pond was dumped.                       & straw.              
Pictures 13 -15 Complete with seed and straw.
Pictures 16 - 18 Pond and spillway complete!
"After thirty years putting up
with a pond that flood in
rainy times and dried up in
between, I finally called in
the experts at Gray tenth of
an acre pond was a small
project for them but they
gave it the same attention as
their larger ponds. The pond
is performing perfectly no
leakage whatsoever  and
thanks to the spillway they
came up with the water
depth is stable, no more
flooding over the banks. I'm
happy. The fish are happy
and so are the deer and
other wildlife."

M. Thomas (Tom)
Mark Rollins
Franklin, TN.
Contact @ 615-308-5752 or email

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