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about us

Gray Construction, a father-son business based in Middle Tennessee, performs all types of excavation work specializing in lakes, ponds, and roads. We can meet all your earthmoving needs including: building sites, land clearing, and riding arenas.

The journey began over 35 years ago. Jimmie Gray purchased a bulldozer to clean up his farm. Soon, he found himself doing work for many of his neighbors. As time passed, work increased and more equipment was needed. Jimmie soon brought in his son, Michael, to help operate the equipment. Michael Gray, who began running farm tractors, quickly moved on to heavy equipment. Since that time, the two have worked together on numerous jobs that ranged from a couple of hours up to a few years.


Gray Construction built a four-acre lake (clearing, grading, dam construction and clay liner installation), several miles of roads and trails, and several house footers at Five Star Retreat. Michael and Jimmie, as well as their other employees, showed a good deal of experience and gave quality advice on the construction of the deep lake, the dam, the spillway, etc. which resulted in a beautiful lake that holds water even in the midst of long summer droughts. In addition, when many local lakes and dams failed in the May 2010 floods, the lake built by Gray Construction at Five Star Retreat showed virtually no erosion or other adverse effects from over 15” of rain in 48 hours. I was very impressed by the quality of work and the integrity of both Michael and Jimmie, and the lake is now the central point of the property now, and holds water like a bathtub.
Greg Gough
I have known Michael and Jimmie for a little over two years. I find them to be extremely dependable, straightforward, honest, hardworking, respectable people with integrity and skill who do outstanding work. We live in Virginia, so finding someone we could trust to do the work without us being on site in Tennessee was essential. Michael kept us up to date on the progress of the project by providing photos via Facebook, email and text. Pond and roadway construction can be expensive, especially the unknown, but they were always forthright with costs and provided alternatives in an effort to help keep costs down. Without question, having Gray Construction do the work on our pond and roadway was the best decision we made.
Marianne Martinez


We experienced a massive flood in the Nashville area – over sixteen inches of rain fell over a two-day period. This massive onslaught of ground water flowed into our 2.5-acre pond and blew out the earthen dam. … Michael and his dad were great. They are very hard workers and whenever weather permits, they are on the job. … All along the way, they were helpful in explaining the process and working around any complications of the job itself. We ended up with a much stronger dam with a significantly larger spillway than what had been originally built. It looks great and we have already had a couple large rainfalls to test how it works when the neighborhood starts to drain into us. The job ended up very close to the initial estimate – the only additions were things that we had agreed upon along the way. Michael Gray is as honest and straightforward a contractor as I have ever found. He does excellent work and is respectful of your property.
Kim Kline
After thirty years putting up with a pond that flood in rainy times and dried up in between, I finally called in the experts at Gray tenth of an acre pond was a small project for them but they gave it the same attention as their larger ponds. The pond is performing perfectly no leakage whatsoever and thanks to the spillway they came up with the water depth is stable, no more flooding over the banks. I'm happy. The fish are happy and so are the deer and other wildlife.
Tom Collins