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Lakes & Ponds

Lake Construction

We can provide all aspects of lake construction, including surveying and finding the best location and soil for your lake, site clearing and grading, dam construction, spillway construction, and final grading.

Dam Construction

Proper coring and dam construction is key to a quality lake or pond that will not deteriorate over time. Gray Construction has years of expertise and many satisfied customers.

Lake Renovation

If you have a lake or pond that doesn't hold water, is covered with cattails and other vegetation, or if you just want something larger, we can help you turn your existing water into your dream lake or pond.

Clay Liners

Our specialty is installing compacted clay liners. We have the equipment necessary to move large volumes of clay for your lake liner to hold water.

Artificial Liners

For smaller ponds, we can also install and prep artificial liners.

Lake Draining

When renovating a leaky pond or lake, it may need to be partially or completely drained in order to repair the liner. We have the equipment necessary to do this efficiently.